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Eight-year-old Seetha was playing in the backyard of her home with her friends. Her parents were also there and seriously discussing about the incurable disease of their youngest daughter Geetha.

Seetha heard her mom, and dad talking about the sister. She realized that Geetha was sick and did not have enough money for her treatment. Seetha heard mom say - “Only ‘God’s grace’ in the form of a ‘miracle’ can save her now.”

She told her friends to stop the play. She went inside and took the jar filled with coins. It was her regular savings made as and when mom and dad gave coins. She counted the coins carefully and made her way to the nearby Hanuman Temple to get the ‘miracle.’

There were a few devotees present in the temple. The priest was busy in the worship of the deity. He was also chanting Sanskrit Slokas loudly. Seetha moved forward towards the sanctum sanctorum and said loudly with folded hands, “Lord, my younger sister is not well and my parents are unable to spend money for her medical treatment. Mom said only God’s grace in the form of ‘miracle’ can save her. I pray to you with full devotion to provide me a ‘miracle’ to cure the disease of my younger sister.”

Then she prostrated to the Lord. Other devotees were observing the little girl’s devotion towards the Lord.

An elderly person among the devotees, who was very much impressed by the actions of the little girl asked, “My dear pretty little girl, I want to see your younger sister? Could you take me to your home? I have got the same ‘miracle’ you need.” “Sir, I am having Rupees fifty with me. Will it be sufficient to meet the cost?” “Yes! What a coincidence? The exact amount needed for the ‘miracle.’

She gave the money and took him home. Seetha told her parents that he was in the possession of ‘miracle’ required for curing the disease of Geetha. Mom and dad were surprised to hear this from their daughter. The gentleman told them to admit Geetha in a hospital and asked them not to worry about the expenditure. He was one of the trustees of a hi-tech hospital. He also gave a letter to the hospital for admitting the girl. Geetha without any problem was admitted to the hi-tech hospital. Doctors took special care of her. She was completely alright within one month. The entire bill was cleared by the gentleman.

After coming home her dad asked, “How much money was paid by the gentleman?” When her mother was about to reply, Seetha intervened and said, “the cost of the ‘miracle’ was Rupees fifty only.”

Seetha was under the impression that the money paid to the gentleman was out of her savings towards the cost of the ‘miracle’. The gentleman, who helped the little girl Geetha, was none other than the famous businessman and philanthropist of the town.

Contributing Story Teller Vaman, I am a retired bank officer interested in reading and writing. Last year, a book written by me on collection of short stories in Kannada with the title "Aproopada Manushya" was released. Another book written by me on short stories in Kannada will be released in the second week of October'08. The title of this book is "AkaashDinda Bhumige." I have made sincere attempt to write few kids stories in Kannada and English. All these stories are yet to be edited.

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