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He was well known as Richie more than his real name. David was the first one to join Abraham Men's Hairstylist and now that the institute had a strength of 2500 with 250 branches around the State, David used to boss around though everyone knew he was little rattle but a cool guy to be around with his happening new innovative hairstyles on his customers which mostly started with unwanted cut at the ends, so called ERROR which he confessed to most of his customers.

He was a lovable, fun loving handsome guy. And, since the parlor was unisex, we would have a doubt if he didn't have enough girl friends. He's simply the sweet next door type who'd buy flowers for anyone who caught his attention! Presumptions aside, he was a great worker and used to forget to even talk to his girlfriend who was going to be his beloved wife soon!

Every evening Milton, his colleague in the billing section would say, "Hey Linda called thrice on the land phone." Richie was restricted to take his hand phone inside. He would not be worried to see 25 missed calls to find out who called him as he knew that it came only from Linda. Linda did not do to find fault with David. She wanted to express how much she loved him. and she thought that a playful guy like David would definitely understand it one day! She would always say-"I love you more than anything else in this world" when she used to hang up when he would say, "Grow up Angel. That's not true."

She loved to be called as Angel by David. Linda used to act so matured. She would say, "I don't want to disturb you. Go to bed lovely! I know it should have been a tiring day!" David would have been half asleep by then! This beautiful couple decided to get married. "It was David who said that. This is a bit fast for me. I never expected David to come up this quick about our settling down!" Linda exclaimed to Mary, her close friend.

In the event of their marriage, both the little ones did lots of planning secretly to make this day a simple but a memorable one for one and all who was to come to their wedding.

She planned to buy some special red roses for the couples who came for the evening and a card to all showing their thankfulness for making it a DAY. Right from the apparels to the hairstyle, Linda decided it for David. Linda was too possessive of David however the sense of maturity in her made her silent in many occasions, as David was the heartthrob of many girls in their computer class.

There was ten days left for the special day, when the couple decided to take break by being together after tiring and busy working schedules. Linda never liked when David said-"Honey, we will meet Rocking restaurant." She hated to meet in restaurants, as she was one waitress herself. The meet this time was at the Eve's Lake -A romantic place that was not too popular place in such a small city.

David wanted to give his angel a surprise for the first time. He bought her a diamond pendant with silver plated thin chain. He was awaiting her presence this time. He wasn't patient as this was the first time he waited, as it was only Linda who used to wait and had never complained. He knew now what it was to make the other person wait.

The clock struck 6. David excising his head and eyes in the urge to see his girl was becoming restless. He didn't want to buzz her in her hand phone. At the opposite, he wanted her to call him as he had changed his dialer tune to a very favorite number of Linda-"I would do anything for you" and wanted to give her a surprise. It was half past six, which ticked seven and then eight.

Wanting to know if Linda was alright, he called her on the hand phone and was amused to hear the IVR which said the phone was switched off. David was desperate now. He called up the restaurant and heard Mary's voice and said. "Hey Mary, this is David!

Mary interrupted him and said- "Hey thanks David. I know that you have called to wish me. I knew Linda would tell you.give the phone to her quickly. I have got to tell her something. Through this nonstop talk by Mary, David realized that his angel wasn't there and paused for a moment and said- Hey I just called to say that I m held up at my work place. Tried Linda's Hand phone.

She is not reachable." "But she left at half past four itself." This phrase brought little tension to David. With a trembling and disturbed tone, he said" I think she would have reached the place where we decided to meet. Anyways catch up later and you have a great evening. Bye."

Now that he not only lost his patience, worriedly took his bike and started riding as fast as he could. His eyes waving around, his heart beating fast, made him difficult to analyze what might be the problem. It was almost ticking 10 when his hand phone buzzed. With little bit of sigh that it was Linda who was calling up, he picked up his phone to see that it was a call from his office. He picked up the phone in tension and said "Hello" in a gruff voice.

Hey Dude! Said Milton. Waiting for your girl friend? Don't worry Dude; she is here since 5 pm. I dint know that you left early today. I was told that you were with Franklin."

Franklin was the oldest client and David was instructed to handle whenever he was in. I made Linda wait here and warned about Franklin. "She was worried and called me to find out if you were still busy." I just enquired to know that you left early." Tears dropped down David's eyes for the first time. He didn't realize that if it was his fast heartbeat or that painful love brought that tears. He has happy now.

The cold breeze brought out the chilled sweat off him. He closed his eyes to wipe off his love tears. When he reached the end of the street, he saw his angel waiting out the door with little fear, as it was too dark. Not even halting the bike, David just threw his bike and ran towards his beloved and gave her a tight hug and said."

I have never felt realized that I was so madly in love with you. I prayed to god for the first time in my life." After a deep breathe, he said, "I love you more than anything else in this world." Linda who was watching this, not too tensed, smiled and said, I love you too!"

Contributing Story Teller Amritha Hari is a character who has recently started loving writing and reading books. I am interested in reading short stories with happy climaxes. [email protected]

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