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Love At First Sight

Thank god it's Saturday! I thought as I got out of bed. It had indeed been a very hectic week at work and I was looking forward to the weekend. I had just finished my breakfast and was poring over the Sunday Times, sipping a cup of my favourite blend of coffee when my cell phone started dancing and singing on the dining table where it lay, needless to say it was on vibrator mode and I was getting a call.

It was my colleague and best friend rolled into one who was calling to confirm our rendezvous for the evening. I reluctantly agreed to meet him at 6.00 p.m.

It was 6.00 and I got out of my car and took in large gulps of the fresh evening breeze as I walked towards my friend who was already waiting for me, and together we entered the small non-decrepit building. As I followed my friend I was feeling very uncomfortable and was wondering what I was doing there in the first place, but there was no backing out now.

So with a deep breath, I followed him curiously and sheepishly taking in the sights. I was introduced to a middle-aged lady who was in-charge of the 'house', and she took upon herself the task of showing us through the 'house'. I followed the duo, my friend and our hostess, like an unwilling schoolboy trudging his way to school.

It was then that I saw her! And she simply took my breath away. And I fell madly in love at first sight!

She was beautiful with large, blue eyes, soft velvet tresses and a smile that smote my heart. I simply couldn't take my eyes off her. The chemistry must have been mutual as she followed me with her large, blue eyes. My hostess for the day was explaining something and I nodded without understanding, my heart, no longer mine, but stolen by that nymph with blue eyes. She had mesmerized me and I walked like a zombie and was in front of her in a flash. I swept her off her feet and had her in my arms, cradling her soft velvety head, stroking her silken hair. Tears flowed down my eyes as I kissed her and hugged her. I wanted never to part with her.

It was raining lightly and I pulled my coat tightly to protect me from the chilly wind that was blowing as we made our way outside the non-decrepit building that we had entered about three hours ago. I bade my friend adieu and walked towards my car, all along thinking of her who had changed the colour of my life at first sight and at that moment took a decision that I would come back.

With that decision made I felt my spirits soar. I walked briskly to the car which shimmered in the dark because of the sheen of rain drops. Before I got into the car, I turned round once again to have a look at the non-decrepit building where I had spent the last couple of hours which were the happiest of my life.

In the dim glow of a naked bulb I could barely make out the words on the weather-beaten board which said 'Beacon-Home for the Spastics'. I revved up the engine and drove away into the night, having found my purpose in life.

Contributing Story Teller Vijay Rao - I am a management professional with extensive experience in marketing and sales management. Writing, reading and community service are my passions. [email protected]

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