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The Last Goodbye

It continues to rain interminably as I stand alone in that long abandoned bus stand and wait. I brave the dark night, the haunting loneliness and wait for her; as no living soul would ever do for a lost love. Strange it might seem to be; but a promise is........ a promise.

I strain to look at beyond that corner of the road, but find no sign of her, yet again. I look around. On the rain soaked floor, my eyes catch sight of scattered pieces of what once used to be my guitar. Still remain the bloodstains.

Continuing to shiver slightly, I wonder if it is due to the rain or sheer nervousness. Saying goodbye to someone you love, one last time is never that easy. May be she won't come even today.

But 'Hoping against all hopes is such fun!', I smile sadly to myself. Then I sense her presence; besides me, through me. Even with my eyes closed, I could always know whenever she came near. Just as we both spent hours together often without a single word between.

“ choose to come at last.” I convey curtly, without even turning to face her. “You know, you were always pathetic at pretending. You must be glad that I came.” Comes the usual well-rehearsed response.
“Must we always fight each time we meet?” “Oh, sure...Such a fantastic way of greeting”.

Silence ensues, only to be interrupted by the splattering of raindrops. I still dread the moment when I shall tell her the truth finally. Hesitantly, I continue,” You know, as per our plan, I've been waiting for you here thus everyday since August 13th.Then you suddenly choose to meet me one day like this? What if I had not been waiting for you for all these days?”

She's silent for a minute and then responds,” I know you'd be there for me always. That's why.”

I continue,” You'll never know what happened on August 13th. As per our plan, I waited for you. I kept waiting, until......”
“No need to complete. I know what happened.”

“No,you don't understand......We can never meet again. I waited for you just to tell you goodbye, one last time.” I stop; the worst is over. I won't ever regret anymore.

But after a pause,she reverts back. “So, you thought that you'll be only one who keeps own promise even after dying. I came to know later. Someone betrayed us. On August 13th, as you waited for me to come, they came in a rage and thrashed you with your own guitar until you bled to death.”

“Means.......”,I stammer back.
“Can't you understand, my dear stupid?. Why do you think I finally come up to meet you today after so many days of waiting? Why do you think tonight till now both of us haven't even moved our lips, yet conveyed exactly whatever we want to? Why do you think none else but us only can see each other now? I defied them and ended everything this evening.

We've left the living far behind; their rules will never bind us again.”


I am shocked & thrilled and for the first time that night, turn to look at her face. She looks beautiful as ever, unearthly & ethereally. Hand in hand, we walk away in the rain into darkness.

Nothing in the world would ever come between us now, living or dead.

Contributing Story Teller Chidanand Biswal, I am 25 year old and currently employed as a software engineer. Writing poems and reading fiction is what I love most when I am not coding. 12th August 2009 [email protected]

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