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Founding Father

New social club gave so many hopes to young and old. It was a good platform to discuss many local issues related to a small community dealing with many social ills. Olds were permitted to discuss their grievances and young were also given opportunity to present their viewpoints. "Alas! We can talk in open about our problems," old mused. "Perhaps! We may get good advice", young thought.

But soon this club faced a problem. Who is going to represent them? But this dilemma was solved when an old man volunteered to lead them. "Oh dear! I know about these issues like back of my hand ", his claim silenced many. In fact he had nothing special about him. He used to work in a news medium; so many felt may be he is the right person! Club was soon center of hectic activities. If it had heated discussion then it also had amicable solutions.

Many new silent voices started many untouched issues. From child abuse to harassment of olds, everything was discussed in better manner. Soon club felt need to launch a psychiatrist clinic and for that funds were needed. All were expected to collect funds. Many tried to contribute in silent way. Some used their hard earned money; some gave their deposit. Many who could not pay said silent prayers for the noble cause.

But few laypersons felt that why not to use power of new media. They started placing ads in various web sites and discussion boards in a simple manner. And they got positive response. However, the president soon ticked them off. "What is this going on? You guys are the gatecrashers'. How can you claim to be members when you have not paid any thing."

"But we want to serve this cause", an old man said "I do not need silly explanation. Do not forget I am the founding father. And I do not want you guys anywhere near my organization." his words revealed a hard truth. Soon club lost many committed members. Many left the club because they no longer wanted to stay there as orphans!

Contributing Story Teller :
Ashish dimri, MA (Mass Communication) is a regular contributor to content He believes he is a medium of laypersons who wish to share their experiences

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