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The True Meaning of Faith in God

There was a thick jungle in Mangalpur on the border of a city in North India. All kinds of animals lived here together in friendly spirit. The king of this forest was Lion Shera. He always cared for the animals. Among the animals was Mikku, the Monkey. He was very different from the others. Infact, he was very intelligent and loyal to the king. So the king had appointed Mikku as his special advisor for all affairs.

One day, Mikku got diverted from his usual route and just happened to reach the city. He saw many new things there. There were many people carrying a very decorative object on their shoulders.

It was a bamboo bar that had a basket suspended with many strings like a head-down umbrella from one end of the bar, and the same basket was present at the other end of the bar too. Generally, Mikku had seen such arrangements on the shoulders of fishermen who used the hanging baskets to transport the fishes to the city to sell them in the market.

Mikku asked a person carrying this object, “Brother, what are you carrying?” “Kanwar”, the person replied. “But where are you coming from and where do you have to go?” asked Mikku impatiently.

The person carrying the Kanwar on his shoulder, the Kanwaria, stopped and said: “See, we are all pilgrims; and Shivratri, a great day of Lord Shiva, is around the corner. So, just like the others, I am coming from Haridwar city and I am taking the holy water of the Ganges river in both the baskets. We have a big temple in my village where I will anoint this holy water on the idol of Lord Shiva, the creator of the universe and all beings. By doing this, Lord Shiva will be pleased with me and his mercy will be upon me. My life will be free from all sufferings and problems.” “Does it happen in reality?” asked Mikku being skeptical.

“It does happen hundred percent when you have unconditional faith in God. And see, I am not alone. Thousands and thousands of people are on their way to this pilgrimage,” replied the Kanwaria. 

Mikku, who had been watching the pilgrims chanting hymns in praise of Lord Shiva, was in deep thought about how the animals had been stupid enough to have never bothered about any of the Gods - even though they shared their habits of eating, living and having fun with human beings. The point that deeply influenced him after his conversation with the Kanwaria was that human beings looked so happy because they always thought about their creator and worshopped him. So now Mikku thought that he and his fellow animals should also carry the Kanwar to please God. But where should he go with the Kanwar? The holy water had to be offered in a temple and unfortunately, there was no temple in the jungle.

Next day, Mikku went to King Shera and shared his experience about the pilgrimage in the city. “Oh King, despite having everything, we remain in suffering and dejection because God, who has created us, is not worshiped by us. We never offer our thanksgiving to Him. Look, how many people are in the city suffering regularly but they have faith in the Almighty, and by worshipping him they receive comfort and their sufferings disappear in a short span of time.”

Shera, who was listening very attentively said: “But we don’t know what God looks like so how can we set up his idol in the temple for worshiping?” “Dear King, first we should build a temple and if our faith is pious, God will inform us through many means about what his idol should look like for the temple.”

Next day, Shera ordered Bholu the Bear, his royal architect, to build a magnificent temple in the Mangalpur jungle. Bholu and the other animals raised the temple in a couple of days. Meanwhile, Mikku, who was anxiously waiting for the completion of the temple, gathered his fellow animals to visit Haridwar to bring the holy water from River Ganges to offer it in the temple, just like the Kanwaria had said.

As this news reached King Shera, he sent for Mikku. Mikku immediately reached the palace. “Mikku, I have learnt that you along with other fellow animals are planning to go on a pilgrimage to Haridwar like the Kanwarias do?”

“Yes sir, is there a problem?” asked Mikku. “See Mikku, I know that you have faith in me that I will do my best to look after you. Similarly, I should have had faith in God to look after us. This point has been missing in my life until now. You have made me realize that we should have a temple in our jungle in the service of God. Therefore, I have ordered to build a temple in this jungle,” said Shera and paused for a moment.

“So?” asked Mikku impatiently. “Mikku, God has no figure, colour or any resemblance with others. He is omni-present and omni powerful,” said Shera, explaining to Mikku just like a teacher explains to his students. “Mikku if you think that by bringing the holy water from River Ganges in the way Kanwarias do to please God, I think, you are wrong,” Shera continued. “Following such rituals would be superstitious in the name of worship and not a real prayer for our sufferings. See, in the name of religion and God how people fight with each other. Every human race has their own God. But we are animals and ours race is one; that is the animal,” Shera continued talking and Mikku was listening very attentively.

“Humans made rituals in the name of God but it has now become a superstition and nuisance not for them but for us. See, how they disturb the traffic badly when they go on the Kanwar pilgrimage. Suppose, an emergency or immediate medical help is needed for a dying person, the chances of her death would be higher as the main routes leading to the hospitals in the city are blocked in view of the Kanwaria movement,” said Shera.
“So dear Mikku, we, the animals, should not jump in to follow such activities. In my opinion, the raised temple should only be considered as a place where we go and pray in the service of God,” concluded Shera, delivering his final decision on the issue.

Mikku had now understood the meaning of real faith in God. After all, he was very intelligent and understood that if he starts the trend of Kanwar pilgrimage in the jungle, the situation would become tough for other creatures and animals who have no faith in rituals; and slowly the entire jungle would be caught in the tight grip of other religious’ rituals and trends that ultimately invite superstitions. And being a superstitious person would limit the progress in life.

The End.

DISCLAIMER: The thoughts mentioned in this story are those of the contributing Story Teller. does not take responsibility for the opinions expressed by Contributing Story Teller.

Contributing Story Teller:  Tapan Susheel The writer is a Roorkee-based journalist. His area of interest is human behaviour. He is post graduate in human resource management. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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