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I did not want to go home. My mind was not at peace. I was asked by my superior to take charge of my region. He gave me a tongue lashing for being an escapist for whom the native place meant a relic. Nevertheless, I did not want to ever visit that place.

Why! It meant taking care of all those old household problems. You can never say no because you are an educated cum urbane person and who natives look at as demigod. It also meant that others in your peer group do not accept your identity as urbane, suave, and successful person. Suddenly, my thoughts were interpreted by a shrill voice of the teashop owner.

I heard the teashop owner yelling at the new dishwasher. "Hey, you are laid back. Move fast and who is going to wash those utensils? These people have polluted Delhi. See they do not have any thing to do. They run away from the hills and come and spoil our life", the shop owner was trying his best to impress his clients.

When the waiter came near me, I saw a familiar religious talisman dangling around his neck. Oh, that meant he belonged to my district. Nevertheless, my urbane upbringing was not letting me accept the difference. I came out of the teashop and started walking towards the taxi stand. "Sir, sahib your purse", I heard the same waiter waving at me.

In my escapism, I had left my purse at the shop. Thanks but are you a pahari? I asked meekly. He nodded happily. "Why do not you do something good. It pains to see some one from our region doing this kind of work, I sermonized "What work", he smiled.

"I was a priest in a temple but surviving on meager income was tough. I did my Masters in Sanskrit but did not get a job. I have a family to support and am willing to do any thing to help them survive. His words made me hang my head in shame. I understood that it was people like me who are the greatest escapists.

Contributing Story Teller
Ashish Dimri, is a young journalist, a post graduate in mass communication who tries to write for the unsung and unspoken.

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