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Different World

"You are being emotional. It is a different world there. I do not know about my own region but here are you who wish to waste his own time." His boss told the young man. Nevertheless, young man felt that al have different perspectives.

"It is your new job in this known organisation and remember in these trying times, you have to work hard, the old man who was managing trustee of social organisation said. However, the young man said nothing. Like many of his generation, he wanted to do something for a right cause.

"See the problem with you urbane guys is that you do not want to work hard. If I ask you to visit that remote village will you do it"? The man nodded affirmatively.

Next day, he reached a small village. It had bare amenities and the man was supposed to look after a small school. Like a small child, he put his energy into this work. The children became happy and he found his own happiness. One day, a boy fell ill. He needed immediate attention. Every year a child died because of medical negligence. Therefore, the young man wrote a letter to superior but got no news. He kept in writing but still got no reply. Finally, he wrote a letter to his friend who was in nearby town. His friend posted this letter into message board of a news site. However, instead of getting appreciation, he soon got a letter of termination. What do you thing yourself to be. We are not dead, the committee member told him.

However, the boy needed help and we had nothing.

"You call yourself an educated man! You do not know that what will happen now We will lose the funds, our image will be tarnished, and we will lose many good contributors," another said. "You seem to be disgusted person who keeps on creating problems for others", the managing trustee told him. "But what the boy!" the young man asked with impatience "Forget about him. You think yourself to be destiny maker or something great. Moreover, thanks to you that fund allocated for study tour will be used for these freeloaders". He got a prompt reply. It hardly took few seconds when the man realized his folly. He readied himself to go back to the city and start his life again.

Contributing Story Teller : Ashish Dimri, MA (Mass Communication) is a journalist. He contributes regularly to contentwriter,in He believes stories are a proper medium to present agonies and joys of laypersons. [email protected]

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