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From Destructiva To Diva

Heavens beware. Thy goodness shall soon be history, and return to its power, shall the evil glory”, warned so, the Empress of the Evil Empire “Destructiva”. Her husky voice echoed profoundly in the valleys that adorned the province of Vidyanagari. Her earlier attempts to finish the Goodness Kingdom had yielded no results.

With jet-black attire carrying her, and a wicked smile wrinkling her face, she galloped her way back to where she had her abode, “The Evil Empire”. The ongoing rift between Destructiva and Nobling wasn’t new to the subjects of either of the two kingdoms. But they had suffered at this for long. 10 years of regular brutal war between the two had taken their peace away. Destructiva was earlier known as Diva but that was then.

"Meet Diva ­ our most outstanding student” ­ “Teaching Life” school’s headmaster would proudly introduce her to the chief guest. Ace in academics, perfect with numbers, enlightened with knowledge, she was just the ideal student. Her dreams was to become a doctor. But it remained a dream, thanks to her. Dare to not make her the class prefect ­ and the professors would have it.

She would express her disappointment, but indirectly which reflected her desire to be “at the top” at any cost. Merit held no barrier for her; means always justified the ends. When she was in SSC, her concentration was drifting away from studies and she spent more time, bribing professors to get top marks. It was then that Nobling encountered this student obsessed with success. He tried to mend her ways, through the examples he gave in Moral Science, but to no avail.

Nothing stopped Diva from bribing Nobling too and that put him off. He decided with firm resolve to teach her the lessons of life.

Diva was detained and that was the turning point. She set her own “Evil Empire” encouraging crazy students to achieve success at any cost. If anyone wanted to get fake mark sheets done or marks raise, they would knock Diva’s door. The change of name from Diva to Destructiva was the doing of a fellow supporter. Here, Nobling continued with his goodness and virtues and was after a period of 10 years, made the king of Vidyanagari. This offered him greater power to battle with Destructiva.

The fight was between the adamancy of goodness and the hunger for power. Perhaps, it was a teacher’s undying struggle to bring an a student back to track from the wrong path. Nobling had to really rack his brains to think of a strategy to change Destructiva to Diva ­ the ever-lovable student. Direct talks didn’t help as Destructiva was highly misled and hence, the problem had to be tackled at its grass root level. Nobling could easily observe that the problem emerged from the hunger for power. So something had to be done, to convince Destructiva that power has to be gained through right means. Nobling hit upon an idea. He started interacting with Puresoul ­ Destructiva’s brother, who unlike her was righteous and ever truthful. Nobling got Puresoul persuaded to join and be a part of “Evil Empire” run by his sister.

Destructiva more than welcomed this decision of her brother. “I knew, you would follow my footsteps. Welcome, brother to the evil empire, where I rule.” Soon Nobling started to let Detsructiva have things her way. He overlooked the scams she indulged in, and just ensured all seemed fine to her. But this side, Puresoul had turned into Foulsoul and now even outdid her sister. He conceived new ways of fooling with the system, got papers leaked, gave away false certificates etc.

Nobling had anticipated this and he didn’t intervene till what he thought was the right time. Destructiva could sense grief and felt wounded seeing her righteous brother turn into a cheat, a crazy runner in the rat race of competition. She mellowed, and offered her prayers to God to gift her back her brother. All this while, Nobling remained out of the scene. When Purefoul was summoned to the People’s court for a hearing over an alleged case of paper leakage, Destructiva cried. Her tears only seemed to reflect regret over what she had been into since the past 10 years.

She began missing her previous self- when she studied to gain knowledge, when she was curious to know how things happened. She went to the riverbanks and asked loudly, “Where are those days? Can I get them back?” “Yes, you can.” A strange voice chose to reply and continued, “You have now become Diva ­ the student who was the blue-eyed girl for every professor. I am pleased to see that a sincere heart still beats within you and that you care for your brother. The whole plot was our doing.” So said Nobling, feeling glad to see his pursuit meet its result. “But what about my brother’s tainted image? The paper leaks?” “It was all too planned to be real. The students as well as your brother and all the others too co-operated to see this plan work successfully.

Nothing has happened to your brother’s image. In fact, people will eagerly look forward to meeting the brother of Diva. That’s the best part. Destructiva has become Diva!” “ I have realized my folly. In the “wanted-at-any-cost” drive for power, I parted with the real purpose of knowledge, the real meaning of education. Thank you, for again bringing in me that student whose quest never ends ­ far better than an after-power maniac.” While a teacher’s victory could be reflected in Nobling’s smile, the joy of innocence restored sparkled in Diva’s smile. 

Contributing Story Teller Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia is a 28 year young poet and has lately been dabbling in short story writing. I would appreciate if interested readers mail their comments at [email protected] I am also thankful to  for providing a good platform for writers like me

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