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Children's Story - Cynthia & The Little Girl


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Cynthia & The Little Girl

Cynthia came to this new town because her father got transferred. They were allotted a small house with a tiny garden where colourful flowers were growing and it had a small white gate.

John and Vanessa settled in happily but Cynthia felt lonely because there was no one her age living nearby to play with. Her father's office was not far from there but the nearest school was 7 miles away. Cynthia's father dropped her in the morning and her mom picked her up after school. In the evening, after finishing homework, Cynthia got bored because she had no one to play with.

Months passed by but Cynthia's loneliness did not lessen. It was a quiet life they led here in this small town and her mother was always busy cooking and cleaning and had no time for her daughter. One day, Cynthia went for a walk all alone telling her mother she would be back shortly. She went exploring down a side street and after wandering for some time thought it best to return home so as not to worry her parents.

While coming back to her house, she heard a sobbing sound and stopped. The crying could be heard from behind some trees. Cynthia went to explore and found a little girl sitting and crying under one of the trees. "What happened to you dear girl, why are you crying?" asked Cynthia. "I have no where to go and nothing to eat," replied the little girl sobbing. "Where are your parents?" asked Cynthia. "They died a long time back. I used to live with my aunt but she has turned me out of her home and asked me never to come back." "Well, come with me. I'll ask my parents what can be done. By the way, what is your name?" "I am Rosie, " said the girl.

Cynthia held her hand and briught her home. "WHo is this Cynthy?" asked her mom when she saw Rosie. Her daughter explained everything and it was decided Rosie would go and live with Mr. and Mrs. Jackson who lived nearby and had no child of their own. They had been praying to God to send them a child and it seemed their prayers had been answered. "Mommy how can you be sure Nancy aunty and uncle Jack will have her?" asked Cynthia. "Well, I'll call them for tea and ask them, " said Vanessa.

The Jacksons accpeted the invitaion to tea and came shortly. Till then, Rosie was clean and fed and had an enchanted smile on her face. Nancy fell for the little charming face on sight and her husband smiled warmly at her obvious delight. At long last Cynthia had some one to play with and her wish came true.

Contributing Story Teller:  Amita enjoys writing stories and poems. She has strong editing and translation skills. [email protected]

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Writing Tip : Children's Story Writing is a good creative outlet and can be used to inspire others.

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