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Short Play - Murder Mystery

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The Coded Murder

Characters: Alex (Victim), John (Murderer), Michael (Detective), Dan (Michael's assistant), Dr Williams (Forensic Lab Doctor)

Scene I: (Murder Spot)

Alex, a famous software programmer is working on PDA on the terrace of the fifteenth floor of a sixty storied building, as he looks up, there a thud sound and the next moment he is lying on the floor trying to write something on his PDA. He dies soon but before his final breath he hides his PDA. Soon, a man comes and steals his laptop kept beside his carcass and disappears into the night .But soon Michael, a private detective, Michael along with his assistant, Dan appear on the Murder spot)

Dan (Looking puzzled): There seem to be no bullet mark on his body, no stabbing marks either. I could only find this PDA. Michael: Dan, you're totally dumb, Take his body to the Forensic Lab. See if that PDA can give some clues.


Dan: Hmmm, this note in the PDA says 'P.S. look for' and it seems it written around the time of the murder. Michael: It's your job to crack this code. It's seems the victim knew the murderer and noted it down here. And the alphabet keys aren't working and so he was forced to write the message with the numeral keys.

(Meanwhile, the murderer was devastated to find that the laptop contained not even a bit of what he wanted, a code that Alex wrote and could make him richer by a million, he turns back to the murder spot to get the victim's mobile phone but could only see detectives investigating the murder area, disappointed he goes back)

Scene II (Forensic Lab)

Dr. Williams: The victim died of a cracked skull; it seems that something was dropped on his head that caused his murder.
(Michael gets a flashback that he had encountered a pebble on the terrace but ignored it.)

Michael: Doc, Can a pebble be responsible for this?
(Dr. Williams ponders over Michael's thought for some time and finally comes with an answer.)

Dr Williams: Yes, a pebble can be responsible for this. If a pebble is dropped from a huge height it will accumulate a huge amount of kinetic force which will be adequate to crack a human skull.

Michael: Excellent Doc, That'll really help us to solve this case.

Dr Williams: Don't thank me, that's my job.
(At that very moment Dan comes in excitedly)

Michael: What's crakin' Dan?
Dan: I've got a good news and a bad one. I'll tell you the good one first. I cracked the code

Michael: Did you really?
Dan: Yes I did, now listen carefully; as we all know English language has twenty-six Alphabets. If we correspond each alphabet to a number then A will stand for 1, B will stand for 2 and so on, so J stands for 10, O stands for 15, H stands 8 and N stands for 14 .Therefore the code is 'Please look for John'

Michael: That was really good Dan. What's the bad news?

Dan: John is a computer programmer and is quite rich; he is leaving the country in his private plane within an hour from his Kingston Mansion.
Michael: This news is really crap. I've gotta leave now.

Scene III (John's mansion's take off area)

(Michael is driving his car slowly behind John's plane. The plane speeds and so does his car. Michael jumps from his car onto the runway wheels which goes inside the plane and gets in the plane and kills one of John security persons with his silenced pistol and soon reaches the place where John is sitting and points his mouser towards him)

Michael: Come on; speak out why you killed Alex.
John (With a sly smile): I don't think I'm gonna tell that. But I think it's your turn to join Alex up there.

(John kicks Michael, calls his three guards and takes cover while Michael collapses)

(The first guard shoots but Michael dodges the gunfire, kicks him hard and shoots him on his head and kills him and jumps up. The second guards attempts to shoots him but Michael dives in times and the bullet hits the third guard and kills him. Michael then dodges some punches and kicks from the final guard and stabs him in his intestines and gets rid of the three guards, but during the gunfight one bullet hits the pilot and kills him, the plane begins to crash)

Michael: Come out John. We're now both gonna die now.

(John realizes this and reveals everything. Michael hears everything a takes out two parachutes and they both jump) (Just as they land John seizes an opportunity to kill Michael and punches him hard on his head. Michael dodges it twists his hand and kicks him on his head, John collapses and falls. Michael points his gun towards John)

Michael: You're gonna die. John: I won't let you kill me.
(John quickly takes out his gun and kills himself)

(Micheal is disappointed he couldn't catch John alive but happy he could solve the case)

Contributing Story Teller: Siddharth [email protected]

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