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The Class Bully

Marjorie went to a school called ‘The Learn Dream and Grow School.’ She had many friends there. Her best friends were Susan, Violet and Hazel. The four friends got along well together because they were neighbours too. In the evenings, they did their homework together. They also found time to go to the park and play for an hour or two. On Sundays, their families got together and went for picnics and outings.

Trudy, Rita, Mona and Sheila had their own group. They were mean, rude and spiteful. No one talked to them. All the other girls stayed out of their way. They used to bully anyone they picked on.

One Monday morning, Marjorie and her friends entered class and saw Trudy and her gang teasing sweet quiet Linda. “Hey! Linda! Why are you so thin?” laughed Sheila. “Don’t you get anything to eat at home?” asked Trudy. “You can eat my leftovers from my lunch box Linda,” giggled Mona. “Poor skinny bone is crying,” shouted Rita.

Marjorie said to her friends, “Why is Linda crying? Let us go and help her.” “I don’t think that’s a good idea,” spoke up Violet. “She is right Marjorie. Leave them alone, joined Hazel. “I will come with you Marjorie. Let us try and help Linda,” said Susan, pulling her friend’s hand. “Come on, let us go and see what we can do.” Marjorie and Susan came near Linda’s desk in the class room. She was crying and the gang was giggling with delight. “Why are you teasing poor Linda girls? Please leave her alone,” said Susan. “Oh! Yeah! Are you her mom? Have you come to wipe her tears?” said Trudy making a bad face at her. “You should not be rude to others Trudy,” spoke u p Marjorie. “We will do what we want to do. Go away to your silly friends,” replied Trudy, pushing her away. “Come on let us go,” whispered Susan.

When lunch break came, all the girls went into the garden to play. Only Linda sat quietly in class, eating her mid day meal. There was a queue near the swings. Marjorie and her friends were also standing in line. Violet was the first to get her chance on the swing. After that, it was Susan’s turn. Next went Hazel. As soon as she sat on the swing, Trudy pushed her away. “Get out of my way Hazel. I am going on the swing,” shouted Trudy. Hazel would have fallen, if Marjorie had not caught her. “Let us go Marjorie. We will come later,” said Hazel going away. Days passed and Trudy and her friends kept bullying Linda and fighting with Marjorie and her friends.

Exams were near and all the children were busy studying hard. “I don’t know how Trudy always comes first in class Marjorie,” said Hazel. “Yes that’s true. I never see her studying, joined in Violet. “She is always making mischief with her gang,” piped in Susan. “Whatever happens, I am going to beat her this time. I will come first,” said Marjorie. “You are so good in studies Marjorie but you always come second,” said Violet regretfully. “Well, wait and watch how I beat our bully this time,” Marjorie said settling her class room desk.

After that decision, there was no going back for Marjorie. She studied hard all day long. She did not play or watch TV at all. Even during school lunch time, she discussed difficult questions with her three friends. The exam day arrived. Trudy made a bad face at Marjorie saying, “Ready to come second or maybe third this time?” “Mind your business,” replied Marjorie.

The exams were over at last and everyone waited for the results. They were announced after a week. Marjorie had come first, Violet second and Trudy third. She was very shocked. “Did you cheat you brainless girl? I am sure you and Violet have cheated. No one can beat me. I am going to talk to the teachers,” said Trudy, marching out of class. She went to the teacher’s common room. “Marjorie has done very well in her exams Trudy. You were not so good,” said the class teacher. After that day, Trudy became worse in her behaviour towards Marjorie and her friends. “Let her be Violet. Nothing can be done about badly behaved girls. Time will teach her a lesson soon,” said Marjorie to her friend.

Violet had just been teased by the gang and she was very angry. One morning, Susan could not find her geometry box. Five minutes were left for the class to begin. None of her friends had extra stationery to lend to her. “I am sure I kept my geometry box in my school bag. What will I do?” Hazel asked the other girls if anyone could lend extra stationery. No one could and there was a class test that day. Susan could not give her test. She was very sad. “It is too bad. I missed my test,” she said unhappily to her friends. “Don’t worry Susan,” said Violet. You can make up for the lost marks by doing your best later.

Next day Susan told her friends that she could not find her lost geometry box at home. She thought it must have fallen from her school bag somewhere. During lunch time, one of the girls in Susan’s class came to her. She had a geometry box in her hand. She said, “Is this yours Susan? It was in my friend’s desk in the other section.” “Yes this belongs to me. How did it reach your friend’s desk?” “Don’t ask me,” said the other girl, going away. “Can’t you guess Susan? Trudy took it from your bag so you could not give your class test. She quietly put it in the other classroom today.”

“My God, you are right. Let’s go and find her. How mean can she get,” Susan started going to class. Marjorie stopped her. “It is no use Susan. We can’t prove it. Let it be.” “How I wish something bad would happen to wicked Trudy,” said Hazel. The others laughed. “No point wishing that. Look how she is bullying Linda and the others,” said Violet.

The four friends came where Linda as usual was crying. Trudy had pulled her hair and joked about her looks. Marjorie took Linda away and wiped her tears. “You are a lovely girl Linda. Don’t be upset by what Trudy said. You are a good person at heart and that is what shows on your face.” Linda smiled through her tears. The children were taken for a picnic on a sunny morning. Everyone was having a nice time. There were goodies to eat and games to play. Marjorie had asked Linda to join her group. They were playing cards. Suddenly they heard a scream. It was Trudy. She had slipped and fallen. Her head had hit a sharp rock. Blood was falling from the cut. Everyone gathered and Trudy was taken to hospital. Linda went with the teachers and some girls. Marjorie, her friends and Trudy’s friends went too.

All the time, Trudy was in bed, Linda held her hand and stayed with her. When Trudy was better, she was surprised to see Linda by her side, holding her hand. She smiled and said, “Thank you Linda. I was so mean to you but you stayed by my side. You are a very nice girl. I will never trouble you again.” Marjorie and her friends smiled a secret smile. They knew Trudy had learnt her lesson. She would never be mean to anyone again. Trudy left the hospital and went home. Her parents had a tea party for Trudy, her friends, Linda, Marjorie, Violet, Hazel and Susan. Linda brought a gift for Trudy. It was a colorful bracelet. “Thank you Linda for this wonderful gift. I will wear it every day.”

Trudy’s mom gave a box of hankies to Linda for looking after her daughter in the hospital. Everyone praised Linda for the way she had looked after Trudy in hospital. All the girls in Linda’s class put in some cash for a party in the canteen. On Friday, during lunch break, all the girls came together in the canteen. They all had cheese burgers and ice cream. All the girls sang for Linda. She was feeling shy with so much attention. Trudy seemed a different person. Her scowling face had turned into a smiling one. Her three friends liked this new Trudy more than before. Now in school, there were nine girls who were always together. Thanks to Linda’s kindness, Trudy had changed from a bully to a sweet polite girl.

Contributing Story Teller:  Amita enjoys writing stories and poems. She has strong editing and translation skills. [email protected]

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