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Merry Christmas - Story About The Spirit of Xmas


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The Christmas Tree

Mabeliene and her mother Teresa were very poor. They lived in an old cottage which just had a room, bath and a tiny kitchen. Their home 'Rumbling Stones' was at the edge of the river near the small wood.

Mabel's father had deserted them when she was just 2 years of age and since then Teresa had been her mother as well as her father. Mabel was now 6 years old but could not go to the village school because of the fees. Her mother had taught her to read and write. Both mother and daughter used to make soft toys and sold them at the local bazaar, but hardly made both ends meet.

Every year they had managed to celebrate Christmas somehow or the other but this year there was no money to buy even a small Christmas Tree. This was because in the month of October Teresa had been taken ill and all the money saved up for Christmas was spent in buying medicines and some fruits for her.

It was mid December now and there was hardly enough saving to get them through the New year. "Mabel dear, we will not be able to get a Christmas Tree this year. I am so sorry" spoke Teresa sadly. "I know mom, it doesn't matter. We will pray to the Lord and he will help us celebrate this festive month with whatever we have".

Christmas arrived and 'Rumbling Stones' looked gloomy without a tree. Somehow Teresa had got together the things needed to bake a small Christmas Cake and had made a dress for her daughter with material a kind lady in the village had given her because her daughter did not like its colour. The dress in blue looked nice on Mabel. Teresa has decided to wear the one good dress she had in green which she wore every year.

They were sitting quietly talking of years gone by - "when your dad was here, we had a fabulous Christmas. I know he will come back to us and we will see the good old days again". "I have no hope mom. Dad's been gone for 4 years now." Just then there was a loud knock on the door and when Mabel opened it, she saw a lovely Xmas tree outside.

"Mum, there's  a lovely tree here! Come and See". Teresa came to the door and was shocked see her husband Fabian standing at one side. "How are you Terry darling?" he said and came inside. His wife was struck dumb with happiness. "Oh! Fabian, I missed you so! Why did you leave us?" "I do not know how to apologize to you. I just did not want to waste my time doing odd jobs and not making enough to keep you in a lovely home. I got too fed up with life one day and left. I had every intention of coming back darling".

Mabel hugged her father "How do you like your new tree Mabel?" asked her father. "It is perfect daddy. You know this year we had no  money to buy a Christmas tree of our own" "I can understand darling but rest assured, you will not lack for anything in your life again".

Fabian sat with his wife and daughter drinking hot chocolate and telling them about the 4 years he had spent without them. At first he went to the big town nearby and did odd jobs. When he had collected enough, he went overseas and there he found a kindly old man who offered him a job as a manager of his ranch.

Now the old man had dies and since he had no family, he had left everything - his mansion, ranch, farm, stable, jewellery and all this bank balance to Fabian whom he had loved as his own. "I am going to take you dear wife to your own big house where you will have people to do your biddings and sweet Mabel will go to the best school there."

They had a wonderful time and the Christmas Tree glittered and glimmered as if telling both Mabel and Teresa that from now on there will only be brightness and happiness in their lives.

Contributing Story Teller:  Amita enjoys writing stories and poems. She has strong editing and translation skills. [email protected]

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