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The Chosen One

Hey Rita, We are late, lets move “yelled Priyanka, her colleague. Rita’s chains of thoughts were broken as she headed towards the conference room.

She was shaken and visibly upset with the news-Mr. Pendse from Accounts department had been laid off. But “why him?” Mr. Pendse, a simpleton with frail built, cautious look, -in late 40s or early 50s was far from his retirement age.

Despite a huge age gap both would amazingly bond over a cup of chai or small talk on recent happenings. She couldn’t concentrate in the meeting that day. He was employed for 19 years in the organization where he received a days notice to leave!!

Mr. Pendse was a sincere diligent worker with unmatched punctuality. He toiled till late during month ends.
Rita’s conscience cried “It’s unfair!! Why him?”

Perhaps Mr. Pendse had become a victim of vindictiveness and personal dislike. His elimination was clearly a consequence of manipulation rampant in the corporate culture. Mr. Pendse was neither resourceful nor well networked …He was not even highly qualified. He had two college going kids and a homemaker wife…It didn’t require an empathic mind to understand the enormity of the situation.

Since then Rita hadn’t gathered courage to get in touch with him. She had heard that he was surviving on the settlement money and hadn’t managed to find a job.

She helplessly urged God for an answer. –“Why him?” Couple of years passed by .One day on her way to a friend’s house, she was greeted by an excited & delighted voice “Rita!! How are you child??” The voice was familiar.

Mr. Pendse had a cheerful, confident, triumphant look on his face. Rita gathered that after groping in the dark, He volunteered to teach Marathi almost free of cost, subsequently more students joined in, and he eventually started full time tuition classes. Adversity challenges one to outstretch their potential and surmount all hurdles.

He had earned goodwill, was financially secure, was spending quality time with family and had started pursuing his ultimate passion – tabla. He was content, not intending to return to a secure corporate job. Rita heaved a sigh of relief as she discovered the answer to her question –“why him?” Because he is the “chosen one” by God to stop existing and truly start living!!!

Contributing Story Teller  Reenna C dave, a sales professional with passion for writing. When I am not selling, I love to pen down thoughts and experiences, stories with interesting characters and incidents which are worth sharing. [email protected]


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Writing Tip : Children's Story Writing is a good creative outlet and can be used to inspire others.

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