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Brilliant Rupali

Rupali, who was a student of third standard, went up to the headmaster of her school and requested to sit in the tenth class just for a day to observe as a special case. The event itself would have attracted little attention if not for the fact that the girl was only eight year old and studying in the third standard of the same school.

After he had overcome his surprise on getting this unusual request, the Headmaster informed the concerned class teacher of a new pupil who wished to sit in the tenth class. Like the headmaster, the teacher too was delighted and became apprehensive. He wanted to express his opinion not to accede to such request and it will become precedence and many students may put forth such requests and it would be difficult to manage.

Headmaster did not approve his plea and allowed Rupali to sit in the higher class. The class teacher of tenth standard wondered if Rupali, for all her brilliance, could cope up with studies way ahead than her own class. If it had been any other student the teacher would never had agreed to the request. But, Rupali was different.

From the very beginning when she had made her way to the first standard class, Rupali had managed to charm all who came in contact with her. In the beginning the students of tenth standard objected her presence in the class. But her engaging smile and an easy manner made them to become silent. Rupali’s intelligence captivated people who never lost the opportunity to play. Rupali put up some questions that most children much older than her age would have found difficult to answer. So, Rupali walked into the tenth class and headed for the last bench. At the back of the class she was lost to a casual observer standing at the front of the class since she barely came up to shoulder height of the much older students. But, what she lacked in height more than made up with her intelligence and keen interest.

The English teacher of tenth standard Mrs. Indira Iyer had heard about Rupali's brilliance from her colleagues and now she looked forward to having her in the class. She was explaining about the festivals in India. According to her, In India Hindus celebrate Diwali, Dasara, Holi, Gokulashtami, Ugadi, Shivaratri and so on. Muslims celebrate Ramzan, Idmilad, Moharam and Bakrid. Christians celebrate Easter and Christmas. Sikhs celebrate the birth days of their Gurus. Teacher asked one question, “Do you think I have covered all the festivals? If your answer is ‘no’, tell me what are those festivals left out?”

All the students said, madam you have covered all the festivals. Rupali stood up and said, “Madam, you have not told two major festivals.”

Then madam turned towards the students and asked, “Can anybody tell me what those two festivals are?” The students were not in a position to reply. Madam asked Rupali to answer. “Madam, our National Festivals one on Republic day 26th January and Independence Day 15th August of every year.” She replied Everybody appreciated little girl’s wonderful knowledge.

Contributing Story Teller Vaman, I am a retired bank officer interested in reading and writing. Last year, a book written by me on collection of short stories in Kannada with the title "Aproopada Manushya" was released. Another book written by me on short stories in Kannada will be released in the second week of October'08. The title of this book is "AkaashDinda Bhumige." I have made sincere attempt to write few kids stories in Kannada and English. All these stories are yet to be edited. [email protected]

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