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Bread Omelette

I was new in this known but faraway town. All I had was a reference of a man known as bread omlette. He was known to Anil mamaji, my maternal uncle. " Mama ji do not make me a butt of joke", I pleaded hard.

"No beta! Nobody knows about this man by his real name. He is the only one whom one can properly approach in this hilly town", he replied in funny manner.

I was here to write a travelogue for a website. The town had many Victorian styled mansions. It was one of the most popular destinations in the summers.

Somehow, I managed to approach an old person and made a request, "There is a person known to me, he is known as bread omelette". I was expecting a laughter but the man looked satisfied, "Arey! Ask any body to take you to his place. He resides nearby." It took me a little while to reach his place. It was a small eatery. An old man was busy making omelettes and toasting bread.

I explained to him the purpose of my visit, he smiled and said, " oh, Anil bhai has sent you. Go have a wash first and then have some thing."

I did what he said but was amused as to why mamaji did this to me. A habitual prankster like mamaji was a pain in the neck but here I was at the mercy of a strange man known as bread omelette.

He later gave me a piece of paper and said, "Go, and visit Mr Gautam Dhyani he will arrange everything for you".

I did what I was asked. When I reached there, I saw a beautiful mansion. I felt it could be a ploy to get rid of me. However, I knocked at the gate. A well-dressed young man came out. I explained my purpose of visit and gave him that piece of paper.

"Oh, welcome! You are welcome to our lodge!" He called for his servant who took my luggage to a well-furnished room. I was thinking - how was I going manage the bill? I had no other option but to seek financial help from my office. May be! I would be doing some menial job. All types of silly thoughts flooded my mind.

Luckily, I found a local branch of my bank near the mansion. It was well furnished but had three employees "Excuse me I need to know, how many days does it take to receive funds in one's account", I probed "Are you new in this town? And may I know who is your host?", the manager asked "Bread omelette", I answered with hesitation. I was expecting a rebuke but he was satisfied. "That is fine. Well it will take two weeks but we can still give you cash", he explained. I wondered if my destiny was playing poker with me.

"Oh, do not get confused, he is the biggest account holder of this region", manager explained "What do you mean? I asked "Oh, it means you hardly know any thing. He was the biggest landowner of this region but wasted his all money in gambling and litigation. This man was compelled to do many menial jobs and regained lost prestige of his family". "But why bread omelette." I wanted an end to this mystery. "Because he worked in many hotels as kitchen hand and bread omelette is his specialty". I suddenly felt a craving for bread omelette.

Contributing Story Teller :
Ashish Dimri is a journalist. He is a post graduate in Mass communication and contributes to

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