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Better Abode

“Ring a ring rose, pocket full of posses….”
“Rosy Madam is calling you”

And Rosy went running to the office room. The rest of the children knew that she was not going to any longer live with them in that orphanage. It happened at least once in a month. Stella watched it every time and wondered and wished that she should be adopted by a very rich family and that they should buy her ice creams everyday and take her out in an ac car.

Rosy, came running with her adopted parents and introduced all her friends to them. The next day she walked off with them. Every child in that orphanage wished that next turn should be theirs. Though the life in the orphanage was so bad, all of them enjoyed each other’s company and they loved each other as good friends.

After few months it was Stella’s turn. When she was called to the office room, she saw a lady and a man sitting in the room with the Mother Superior. “Stella they would like to adopt you, will you go with them?” asked Mother Superior. Stella saw the lady, she was dressed in fine clothes and jewelry, and she also remembered the car, which was parked outside the office room. She knew that her dream had come true. She quickly nodded her head in agreement to go with them.

All of them laughed seeing her nod. “Then you can come tomorrow and finish the adoption formalities and take her with you”. Stella was so proud that she wanted to take them to her friends to introduce. But she never did as she thought that it would hurt her other friends’ feelings. She walked back and continued to play her game.

“Stella, are you also going to leave us?”
“Yes, I will be leaving tomorrow.” And she cried, while the rest of them joined her.

The next day she waved off to her dear friends whom she knew from the time she was born. She was taken to a bungalow in an AC car. She thought that her dreams were coming true and she quickly said a prayer to God. She had a room for herself, which had a lot of toys. The room even had a refrigerator which had ice creams in it.

Her adopted mother came to her and said, “All these things are for you, have fun enjoy yourself.” She ate all the ice cream in the fridge and slept on a bed which she needn’t share with anyone.” She thought that this is the life that she wanted. Her parents admitted her in a school, she was dropped everyday to the school by that ac car and the car also picked her back home. But her dreams started to fade soon. Both her mother and father were working in huge MNCs and soon she realized that they had no time for her.

She had a huge dining table with lot of dishes on it, but she had no company to eat. She had a cupboard full of dresses but when she wore it there was none to admire. She thought of her life back in the orphanage. She didn’t have many things to eat but she enjoyed her food with her friends. She used to wear the ill fitting dresses that people donated to the orphanage, but still when she wore there were people to admire it. Today in spite of her living in all riches, the drudgery poor life that she lived seemed much better to her.

She released that she needed only parents, who can spend time with her and not riches and room full of ice creams and toys. The next day she asked the driver to drop her in the orphanage and she told the driver, “If my adopted parents find that I am missing in their rich house, let them know that I will never come back to that house” and she walked away to her better abode. 

Contributing Story Teller  Leena Bose, I am a creative writer. I have a triple masters in Literature and Mass communication. I love to write and I started writing at the age of 16. I am a freelancer for Women's Era, a Times group magazine. I love challenges in life and also my profession. I am a go-getter and believe in teamwork rather than be a one women army.

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Writing Tip : Children's Story Writing is a good creative outlet and can be used to inspire others.

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