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Amelia & The Thief

Amelia was a poor girl. She lived in a small house with her mother. Her father had gone out of town in search of work. Two years had passed. There was no news of him. Amelia’s mom did odd jobs for people living nearby. She could not afford to let Amelia go to school.

A kind lady lived in the neighbourhood. She called Amelia every evening and gave her lessons. One day, Amelia was at her teacher’s house. She was waiting for the kind lady to come and start the lesson for that day.

“Will you tell Mrs. Brown that I have finished work and I am going home now miss?” asked Lisa, the maid. “Yes I will Lisa. You can go home,” smiled Amelia.

After Lisa had gone, Amelia locked the main door from inside. She was surprised that Mrs. Brown had still not come downstairs to start her lessons. After waiting in the living room for another ten minutes, Amelia decided to check on her teacher. “I wonder what is taking her so long. She always waits for me in the living room,” mumbled Amelia, going up on the stairs. She reached Mrs. Brown’s bedroom.

There was a man in the room. He had gagged and bound her teacher. He was busy taking out jewellery and cash from the cabinet. “Oh! My God!” spoke Amelia. The thief turned around and saw her. “Good grief, where have you come from? Wait till I catch you,” shouted the intruder, coming after her. Amelia ran with all her might. She opened the main door. Ben, the cleaner, was sweeping the road. “Ben, Ben, please come. We are in trouble,” called Amelia. Ben came at once, but the burglar was running up the stairs. Both Ben and Amelia ran after him. The thief had entered the house through an open window in the upstairs sitting room.


He ran towards it. He had just crept out of the window, when Ben caught his arms. “Let me go, you fool,” screamed the thief. “Oh! Yeah! You think I will let you escape with all the money. Wait till I pull you in and hand you over to the police.” A group of people had collected on the street below.

The thief bit Ben’s hand. He screamed with pain. “Ouch!” The thief pulled his arms from Ben’s grip and jumped out of the window to the ground below. He started running on the street. “Don’t let him go. He has Mrs. Brown’s money and jewels on him,” shouted Ben, jumping after the burglar. The group of people, with Ben leading them, ran and caught the thief. They brought him to Mrs. Brown’s house.

By now, Amelia had removed the gag and ropes from her teacher’s body and taken her downstairs. “Thank you Amelia. You are a brave girl,” said the lady. The burglar was handed over to the police. He returned all that he had stolen. The next day, Mrs. Brown had a party for Amelia. She wanted to thank her properly.

All the neighbours were invited. Amelia came with her mom. “Amelia, we are all very proud of you,” said Mrs. Higgins, who lived opposite Mrs. Brown. ‘You are a very sweet and caring girl Amelia,” chirped the twins, Mary and Susie, who lived nearby. The party was in full swing. Lisa had baked a special chocolate cake for Amelia. Ben was the centre of attention. He was wearing his best clothes and had a smile for everyone. “Well man, you really did a good job,” said old Mr. White, thumping Ben on his back. “I only helped Amelia,” Ben smiled. “I must say, she is a very thoughtful and courageous girl,” “Very true,” agreed the others. When the guests had gone, Mrs Brown stopped Amelia and Ben. “Wait you two. I have a present for both of you.”

She went to her room and brought two parcels. “Here you are Amelia, open your gift and see if you like it.” Amelia smiled, opening the parcel. “Oh! it is a story book, with lovely pictures. Thank you so much Mrs. Brown, I love it.” It was Ben’s turn to open his present. “What a lovely tie, Mrs. Brown. I love the color. Thanks a lot.”

“You are welcome Ben and thank you again. If you two had not helped me, I would have lost all my precious ornaments and a lot of cash. At night, Amelia’s mom said, “I am so proud of you darling. You are a good girl.”

Contributing Story Teller:  Amita enjoys writing stories and poems. She has strong editing and translation skills. [email protected]

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