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Zero And I

One day, I went to Zero who was living happily in his cornered home.

Greeting me warmly, he sat beside me, with his calm eyes.

Feeling my puzzled eyes, gently said he, Ask.

I asked Zero, my dear friend, how can you be so happy inspite of being zero?

A smile twinkled in his eyes and he slightly stroked my right cheek with his warm hands,

My dear, By being nothing, I become everything.

I join the fellowmen whenever they need me and lend meaning to them, said Zero,

Though, I have nothing to give, everyone can take everything and anything whenever they want

By being emptiness incarnate, I become the reason of fullness, said happy Zero,

Held he my hands tightly and parted we with smiles in our eyes!

Contributed by  Ms. Vacha Dave working as a content writer in Synapse Information Services Pvt Ltd in Goa. [email protected]




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