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Now That You Are Gone

 Now that you are gone,
Happiness has eluded our minds,
As it knows
There is not an iota of joy.

Now that you are gone,
Happiness has eluded our minds,
It has promised
It would never come again
Until we bring it back.

The sounds of laughter replaced by silence,
Smiles replaced by frowns,
It seemed the world
Is one dark, doomed place
Where sorrow knew no bounds.

The grief so intense,
Our mourning so deep,
We were lost in tears,
And profoundly bereaved;
We consoled each other
With unspoken words,
Stifled our lengthy sigh;
As tears rolled down our cheeks,
It was time to say goodbye.

She was a rebel, we knew long back,
But never knew
She would end this way.
She had chosen death the very day,
Her beau had passed away.

We will rise like the phoenix, from the grief, but wont let you rest your soul;
You will be with us as much as we will be with you,
Just like our good old days.
We will find you among the stars in the sky,
And in the fresh morning dew.

Contributed By-  Rimi Mukherjee, a 28 year old married for 2 years now. I come from a English Literature background and love to express my feelings in words. [email protected]



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