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Winter Days

winter days winter days
its chilly and you're alone
when the mercury dips down
dig into a hot scone...

frost covers the fields
like fresh cream
snow melts into rivulets
and streams

and stubborn leaves hang to trees
you're overdressed
with sweaters and mittens
yet the chill penetrates your knees

winter days winter days
some feel their mood swing
the others maintain a steady mind
and feel its all too thrilling

to watch snowflakes
like cottony puffs fill the air
and fog decrease the visibility
all around a blanket of mist is there

winter days winter days
time to catch the annual flu
runny noses and stuffed sinuses
the body temperature soars up,phew!

for the playful of the lot
its time to enjoy the snow crunch
throw snowballs on one another
and duck beneath a twig
to avoid the bunch

streets are laden with snow
when the sun peeps in it begins to glow...
footprints leave their mark
its a sight to behold when it grows dark.

winter winter days
have their own drawbacks don't you see?
but we all love them don't we?

* * *

Contributed By Melisa Diniz, I'm an undergraduate student.Doing my BA in English.I like writing poetry and drawing. [email protected]



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