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Weak And Powerless

I find spears in my back
The world easily offends me
I don't have the power to defend me

My body soars weakness
My heart soars pain
From where should I gain
Trust and faith
To whom should I pray
I can spell the extinction of me
I can smell the burnt ashes of me

I'm not living
I'm surviving
Send the grim-ripper for me

I'm so weak and powerless
Hollow and breathless

Beauty won't appeal
Happiness wont exist
sadistic reflections
all around the four corners
past follows as the burnt marks
thoughts shrink the positive side
And erupts the negative side

when will it end how should I win
Thou wont answer Why?

I'm so weak and powerless Hollow and breathless

Contributed By-  Priyaranjan [email protected]




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