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My Watch

It came to my life on a day I failed
Been with me on my fall and high

Seen everything I have seen
How important it was to be right on time

Drenched with me in every rain and wine
Itís been part of me for long to know my time

Have guided me for the dating, the weddings and the meetings
It made me stand to see it rolling

It has seen me laughing, seen me crying, seen me telling a lie
Tied with me, it had been very close to me

Seen me in love, mad in love
For now, it hangs in my window by a nail

Itís rest for him
May be boring, no beauty to see, no wind thrust him

The rains have rolled on and the bars have went dry
Hope it forgives the hand because it has no will to rise

Other friends of yours have moved on fast, giving no time to catch
For that we both rest

Contributed By -  Kamal Singha I am an editor in a media firm and I love writing [email protected]




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