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Was This Love I Wondered

A feeling so raw, so real
Everything seems surreal
An emotion deep down
A sensation so unknown

Was this love I wondered?
A pull, a tug of the heart

As though struck with a dart
Deep and vast like the ocean
A thought and an intuition
Was this love I wondered?

The twinkle of stars in the sky
So beautiful I wonder why

Nature at once felt so beckoning
Its beauty I felt was so alluring
Was this love I wondered?
A spring and bounce in my step

I felt so full of pep
Love for life, love for someone

A desire to live and be the one
To hold a hand and gaze at the moon
With thoughts of time flying too soon
If this was love,

I neednít wonder why
Neither a tear nor a cry

Smile and laughter was all I knew
In my mind I felt anew
This was love I felt so sure
A feeling so deep and so pure

Contributed By Ms Naina Nair, Dubai, UAE. I completed my Post graduate education in Mumbai, India and am presently residing in Dubai, UAE. Writing has been my passion since childhood. I have been writing poems, articles and stories of which some have been published in newspapers and magazines. [email protected]

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