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Walking Away

How do you walk away when you know not where you are going
You watch as the love goes down slowly like the sun setting over the horizon
Darkness soon takes over
But still you cannot Walk away

You search your mind, you search your heart trying to find the signs that tried to warn you
About the brewing storm, but you find none
It just rained without warning
You close your eyes and hope to open them to the blinding sunlight, but the storm rages on
It's time to walk away.

You search for a hundred reasons to stay, but you can only find one- love
"But is it enough?", your mind asks, yet your heart begs you to reconsider before you walk away.

Maybe dawn is coming, or maybe the night will be longer
Maybe summer is on its way, or maybe winter is here to stay
Maybe there are greener pastures beyond the distant hills, or maybe it's drier
Maybe I should leave, or maybe I should stay
But the green hills are calling me
I am walking away.

Contributing Poet -  Zithelo Mnguni is 19 years old and is currently doing a Diploma in Advertising at Durban University Of Technology. Loves to write poems, short stories and drama scripts. [email protected]

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