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There it comes
Like a pebble dropped in a still pond
Making unknown ripples
With the few stray drops of water
Flying just above the surface

I keep my eager net ready
The empty drum beats
I catch the notes drifting in mid-air
And with one flash of sudden glance
The organization and the categorization commence

Like a weaving bird
I gather the straws that come my way
And like a recreational jeweler with ready pearls
I string my thought pieces
Into a musical necklace of untried verse

Contributed By-  Ashutosh writes poetry, short fiction and essays. He was born in Lucknow in 1984, where he completed his schooling. He completed his graduate studies in New Delhi and his post-graduate education in Mumbai. He is also a salaried professional and is currently based in Mumbai. He is the author of several short stories, essays and poems. His work has been published in both print and online media extensively. His work has appeared in or has been accepted for publication in several print and online literary magazines including Houston Literary Review, Oak Bend Review, Taj Mahal Review, Yellow Medicine Review, Long Story Short, The Cynic Online Magazine, and others. [email protected] Ashutosh on the web:




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