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United We Stand

Ever wonder why the Great Indian Joint Family
The subject matter of many a homily
Has collapsed like a pack of cards?
I thought considerably hard
But couldn’t deduce
Why this great system of inter-dependence couldn’t seduce
The youth of India
That selfish breed
‘I, Me, Myself’ their creed
A joint family is not so bad
Besides, there are many advantages to be had
Ah, the joys of waiting in queue
Hammering away on the door of a shared loo
That delightful assortment of uncles, aunties, nieces, nephews
All of whom wanted to know what you were up to
A healthy spirit of competition pervaded the atmosphere
Were those diamond drops that dangled in the sister-in-law’s ear?
And the family gossip was great too
Especially if it didn’t involve you
And so what if comparisons abound
They only kept your feet on the ground
You say meal times in a joint family were noisy
I say small price for a life so spicy
But the youth of today act so pricey
They want to trade it all for privacy!

Contributed By- Vibha Batra, a poet and writer from Chennai. Has three published books to her credit. The last one was a collection of humour tinged poetry titled 'Tongue-in-cheek''



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