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She Is An Uncomplicated Person

She is an uncomplicated person
just like me.
She comes to the yoga retreat every summer.
just like me.
And is the favourite of the guru
just like me.

She sits in deep meditation
until my legs and feet go numb
until the signal comes.

To see her squat on the yoga mat
in the small dimly lit hall waiting
for the guru's approving smile
for the illumination to float into her
quietly through closed eyes
piercing the multicoloured haze
in a still quiet
makes the mosquito sitting on her lip
immobile in fright.

Oneday she stopped- I found
her on the street corner a month later
in a white pajama suit and book
in hand talking to someone-
as uncomplicated as before.

On the pavement opposite the station
I found her a week thereafter smiling and
distributing notice announcing the visit
of a messiah from somewhere -
she has grown quite old and
was looking to save and heal

happy to wear whatever color it is
unsuspecting response to whatever it is
Trusting, loveable uncomplicatedness -
One day she would wear the robe and the look
to be annointed a saint and worshipped by me-

Contributing Poet -   A. Thiagarajan, A postgraduate in English, A. Thiagarajan taught in colleges in India, before joining the finance sector; he has been writing in English and Tamil since college days, though quite a lot of them remained on the paper he wrote on (that is, when not consigned by him to the waste paper basket). Nuances of relationship between individuals, mental pain and cruelty we inflict on each other and ourselves are his obsession. Interests include finance, Sri Aurobindo and mythology. He lives in Mumbai with his wife Rama and his 21 years old son, Ganesh studies in the US. Email [email protected]



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