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Tum Prerna Bano

 Aakash kee uchaiyo ko chukar
Ghabrana nahee

Chaune ke baad kabhee itrana nahee
Kabhee fursat me peeche paltkar jrur nirkhna

Is ehsas ke sath ki..
Mai bhi kabhi wahee khara tha

Phir haoshla bano, auro ka
Prerna bano aur uske ehsas ko jagao

Jo tumharee tarh aage pahuch sakte hai
Jinhe jarurt hai tumhare

Do meethe sabd kee
Jo unhe bhi uchayee tak pahucha sake

Tum prerna bano
Tum prerna bano
Tum prerna bano.

Contributed By Dr. Soni Verma I am a Hindi script writer associated with various news papers & magazines. I have written many articles and poems, presently settled in Mumbai. [email protected]



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