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Tsunami of 2004

 Life that sunday morning was same as usual,
Waves along the beach were flowing like trivial.

Suddenly something happened, the beach turned into sea,
Enjoyment turned to mourning, without entailing a fee.

It was all a costly affair,
But few were left with lots of grief to share.

The rich and the poor were equalled here,
Having nothing with them, only fear and tear.

Their lives changed from gay to gloom,
New year celebrations transformed into grief from bloom.

Life for them all will never be the same,
The culprit behind all this is tsunami by name.

A wish is coming straight from my heart,
They all will have to begin their lives from the very start.

I hope nature will never be that cruel again,
So that none has to bear such a suffering and pain.

Oh god! I wish no life will be at stake,
This wish is from heart and not a fake!

Contributed By- Ravneet is an M.A. in English and has worked as a freelance writer cum editor for over a year. Email:  [email protected]




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