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Poetry is a great stress buster! Pen down your poetic thoughts in the form of soulful poems that can inspire someone else.



Un-thoughtful Thoughts

I free myself from the guilt, For the discomfort internally built…

I let myself come out of pain, Being occupied with un-thoughtful thoughts is vain…

Life is long and tough and hard, But, why not give myself a deserving reward?

Life is not a station but moving train, Thus, why from beautiful view shall I refrain?

People come and go and stay, But let me not allow anyone to come my way…

People may laugh and turn you down, But why give anyone a chance to let me drown?

Sky may be cloudy or rainy or dry, But one phase will definitely be of blue sky…

Tree may be green or out of leaves, But it accepts the way of life and never breaks down with grief…

Let me stop having un-thoughtfulness, Let me free myself from vengeance…

Let my heart be as light as feather, Let me be same with even rich or beggar…

Let me remind myself of one life, Let me have all missing fun…

Let me not think of tomorrow, Let me feel sunshine before setting of the sun…

Let me allow myself to make mistake, Let me learn the longer way…

Let me feel the beauty of nature, Let me push “un-thoughtfulness” stay away…

Contributed By Kriti Sharma [email protected]



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