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The Statesman

He was born in a simple family.
The salt of the earth
Did not worship at the temple of Mammon
Believed in the common good.

Got a job of responsibility
An office of power
Learnt to rule with aplomb
Arrogance entered his soul slowly.

Greed followed soon
A signature gave him plenty
Started conquering every moment of life
Looked askance at contentment.

Power made him its prey
Domination became his aspiration
Contested election after retirement
Money removed every obstacle in his way.

Won the election by a heavy margin
When in power, decimated every opponent
Even got families wiped out
Fear was his respect.

Gradually reached the highest echelon
Country progressed under his leadership
People started worshiping him
The whole country wept at his death.

Contributed By :  Deepak Kapur My work has been published in various internet magazines like 971 MENU, DUCTS.ORG, IDENTITY THEORY (Editorís Choice), BARNWOOD POETRY MAGAZINE, UNDERGROUND VOICES, BARFING FROG PRESS, CHRONOGRAM, KRITYA , THE HOUSTON LITERARY REVIEW, SHALLA MAGAZINE, BURST, DIMDIMA, etc. [email protected]



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