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Life is full of crests and curves
it twists and it twirls.
it teaches and it preaches.
It is life that takes a full revolve.

Life is practical
it needs to be rational.
it has to be methodical.
It is life that need not be romantically.

Life is life and love is love.
it needs to be differed.
one of them needs to be preferred.
It is love and not life that makes a human not bitter.

Humanitarian and philanthropic
You wish to be one.
Life and love though contradict in front of you.
You say them - "shun".

Your mind calls out to life
And your heart to love
Life is living in reality and
Love takes you immortality.

It is path with two faces
One face springs up and down with joy,
For it has the light to brighten up the void.

The other face looks at you with a grin.
Calling you out, "come to me my dear, you ought not be prim."

The two paths stare at you
One with joy and the other
Oh! So sly.
You look at each one,
Wondering which one to take
And then somebody comes along
Holds your hand and leads you to the way.

You close your eyes
As you walk along with the hand.
It takes you into a world
Where everything is oh so glam!
Beautiful flowers and the sunlight
Stars and constellation in the night.
You look at the hand
And thank for its help.
It pats your head and takes you further to dwell.

Now, you see the sunlight so dim
Stars, constellations and twilight all so nil.
There you see a man with no shoes on and crying under the shadowy tree.
The hand makes you look around, and see a man
Under the sunlight all happy and free
With no feet.

You leave the hand and
You call out to your soul and question the scene.
It takes you into another block
To a woman on a cot
With a bagful of sweets besides

She is teaching her kids
The right and the wrong
Your soul makes you sit there
And listen to her all night long.

All through the night
And during the day
You struggle to understand what she says
Later, when your soul comes to pick you up.
You pray to God! For giving you up.

Your soul is baffled with the decision
That you have made
It does not want to leave;
For it knows you can live and love if you may.

You look up to your soul as it
Flies into His grace.
You feel you made the wrong;
For it was only a mistake.

You turn to repent and ask
For help again.
The hand again appears in front
And wishes to lead you to the way.

You look at the hand,
Whicj is the same
You held the other day.
You trust it now, for you know
You left it once and
Regret filled your gay.

Today as you remember the day,
The hand is still beside you and wishes you happiness and gay.

You took this hand that day
And never left it, not even if you may
It showed you the bad and the good
It showed you lie and the truth.

The hand beside you,
Is the hand upon your head.
Your destiny is made and so is your fate.
All you are now to do is just
Take the hand and follow it through the way.

Contributing By -  Ekta is a student of English Literature with Delhi University. Loves reading and writing poetry. Also working on a book. [email protected]




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