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That Child

Gray sand, a child's hands

blister ridden, A heart full of

Pain - hidden

A child's eyes, devoid of dreams

suffocated screams, making carpets

needles pierce, cry disappears

as the bully master, with a wooden face

and without grace, comes with a baton

to beat him blue and green

Mother weeps, yet eyes are dry

she canít even cry, she is ill
no money, no food, no pill

helpless she is, hapless she is

Father drinks, borrowed intoxication

Beats mother, Without provocation

The child works
And childhood sleeps, eternally

Contributing Poet -   Suhas Kumar, I am an old man who has seen 52 winters so far. I work as a wildlife professional with the government. And like to speak out on behalf of animals who cannot speak in English or any other human language. @ Suhas Kumar Bhopal [email protected] 



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