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God, I Thank You

I am just a nobody seeking joy,
Just a simpleton dreaming to be coy,
Someone who couldnít even buy a toy,
A man, incompetent to use a ploy.

But here I am, enjoying Your kindness.
You gave me hope, comfort and happiness.
I thank You for all that, Your Loftiness.
You have unfathomable seemliness.

Though I try to be a righteous servant,
I sin, falling short of being gallant.
Iíll never quit, though I am just a grunt,
ĎCoz my dreams, I know someday, You will grant.

I dream of reaching heaven, my Lord God.
There, Iíll sing praises to Thee like a bard.
Today, while on this Earth, I will be glad.
I will serve thee till my last drop of blood.

Oh, God, please help me in my weaknesses,
In times when Iím confused and too clueless.
For with your help, I can attain success,
Without You, Iíd rot in imperfectness.

I thank You, Father, for all that Youíve done.
You gave me my all, and my sweet someone.
Forgive me my sins, oh, Most Holy One.
Your Majesty, thank You, You made me man.

Contributed By -  Eduard Kenneth Au, I enjoy making poems as one of my favourite pastimes. I'm not yet that well experienced but I know that I will learn. Thanks be to God for His good works!!! [email protected]



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