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How sad it feels, how dull it looks,
When I see talents described in books,

I wish I had the "talents" as they say,
Would that not be perfect for a day?

Singing, Dancing, or be it painting,
I have no talent from which I am gaining.

What inscrutable they say I am,
"She has no talent, give her a damn".

The neighbor next street paints so well,
But I know nothing from where I dwell.

Amazing among athletes was my best friend,
I too wished if ever my legs could bend!

As a child, whether at study or at play,
I was an anguish placed in an array.

Mathematics witnessed my shocking flair,
It said "round was a circle and not a square!"

"She is a fright, neither cooks nor sings!
Is she a girl, she knows none of these things!"

This is what my folks keep saying,
They are right, as I am so dismaying!

Foxtrot, Salsa, Rumba, or jazz,
I have no talent which everyone else has!

I wish my legs would tap to the tranquil beats,
At least before my life completes!

Contributing Poet -  Aarti Kamath Developer-turned-Technical Writer working with US based MNC, (INDORION NETWORKS PVT LTD ) [email protected]




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