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At the stroke of midnight
the light filters in

still asleep
stepping on one, two many things

stumbling and cursing
I make my way out

I try to make my way
on the road to somewhere

listening to the radio
with little clouds tagging along the path

rain like daggers coming down on me
All my world in one grain of sand

And Iíve blown it
probing in the dark

yet right in front of me all the time
all this time I couldnít see

I was in a deep slumber
trying to live in heaven

while my feet was stuck in hell
like a disease spreading through the blood

I let u take over my life
awakened at the last minute

with the light finally filtering in
I have grown weary of this lie

that you called "our life"
I woken now to find my life

blown into pieces
comforting myself

I make my way out
on the road to somewhere

with none to call my own
head held up, looking straight ahead

I walk into the horizon
to rest my soul for the night

a brand new day awaits
a brand new journey beckons

sunrise brings new hope
sunrise brings me back my life.

Contributing Poet :  Ajith S, Kerala - I am a freelance writer and write poetry and articles. [email protected] 



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