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Stars Will Shine Again

Feeling the breeze, so sorrow filled.
Annexed with holy ordain.
Raise you lips to sing all thrilled.
As stars will shine again.

For hunger seeps in stomach that ails.
Tears roll as they explain
Let night too heavily sail, through this dark
As stars will shine again

You have no feathers to rest you back
Floor is all distain.
Take sand as bed, under sky for nap
As stars will shine again.

No threads to adorn your baffled soul
Torn makings to sustain
Collect the lunar rays and drape
As stars will shine again.

Miseries and pains will loose domain
All happiness to ascertain
For survival transforms births to lives.
As stars will shine again.

Contributed By -   Ivneet Walia, is a final year student of Army Institute Of Law. [email protected]




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