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Solitary Passion

My mind's eye grows weary
Day into night, night into day

Solitude, my faithful comrade by my bedside
Our bodies interlocked in numb embrace

Silence echoes loud and strong
Like a familiar conversation

A relationship still going strong
It will never leave my side

Family, friend and lover it's been
A rock-solid surety through trying times

The din of momentary company breaks us apart
But its hungry arms reach for me again

Searching until they find my incomplete soul
Drawing me near, pulling me close,

Encompassing me in bittersweet companionship.

Contributing Poet -  Nadine D'souza - I'm 26, a technical writer and an avid short story reader. Roald Dahl and Vladimir Nabokov being my favourite authors. Only recently I began writing my own poems and short stories. My influences are mainly from personal life experiences. Contact : [email protected]



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