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To My Sibling

A little toddler was I, when you came,
a cherubim you were to me, my treasured gem;

You brought the vibrant colors in my pale solitude
To the little me, you were the 1 who defined pulchritude

Days rolled into years,
that brought both smiles and tears

You turned into my soul mate,
my friend ultimate

You brought savor to my insipid life,
with those stupid fights on reasons yet unknown

You became my personal diary
as I was too lazy to maintain 1 of my own

you are the tender fingers that produces music on the strings of my life
The flame of my candle in the wind, the honey in my hive

(Of all my priced possessions, I'm most protective about you)
In the vibrant rainbow of life, you are my most favorite hue

irritating, impulsive, imprudent, insane you seem to me often
But whenever I think of the loveliest person of my life, the grotto of my heart echoes your name....

Contributed By : Sinjana Ghosh from Kolkata - a 2nd yr B-tech student. Writing is my passion. I love to delve deep and find the abstract beauties in real life affairs. This poem is dedicated to my younger sister. [email protected]



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