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A Conversation With Sea

Stealing the moments from the engrossed life,
Walking on the beach at day and night,
He was large, better than I thought,
Endless layers up and down,
Oh! Sea, the Gigantic Sea!!

Stopping, crouching, I hold,
I hold the drops in my hand,
“Tell me the crust of your life,
The life in you and you in life,
You, the boundless, speak”! I urged.

And then, to my surprise, he spoke!
Even my soul heard that prudent voice,
“See, the eastern shore and the autumn sky,
Red warm sun raised on high,
Dancing, celebrating rays, floats on my surface,
But, they will not permeate, I know”.

“One day, a castle of desire was praised,
Oh! Devastated by ferocious waves,
They cried, they wept,
I buried the tears in my heart,
They would never shown to the world,
I saw them and complain not, and a content with all.”

“My life of secrets from ages of past,
Brood or broaden, they lie till last,
Thirsty palms bend on me,
Even by snatching drops they not accumulate,
The reason of pleads, I never know.”

I exalt and abide,
Oh! The golden horizon of sunken sun,
Not yellow, blue surrounds with red sphere,
Like the son in mother’s lap,
Resting after all enormous works

The voice, the feeble voice, returns again,
“Someday, the tides, the surging tides, climb,
For their love, their life,
I asked to wait, but they exhilarate,
Aah! They never met silver, late- risen moon.”

Soon, the dark throw patches on me,
“It is not upon you only the dark threw patches,
The dark threw patches on me also,
See, the sun, the new dreams are waiting for you to rise”,

Contributed By-Manish Sharma
Electronics & Communication, III Year,
Poornima Institute of Engg. & Technology,
[email protected]



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