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Get It Right

'TEENAGE' is the best period of life.
To make it memorable, get few things right.

Knowledge is bliss. Ignorance is lethal.
Attitude is good, if it is positive.

Awareness has power to bring revolution.
Perseverance is better than impatience.

Addicted? Dejected? Confused? - Seek help.
Success-failure is part of life.

Suicide is not the solution. Must follow your passion.
Smoking-drinking-speed, are short-lived thrills:

If not controlled, they may kill.
Sex is not to explore. Protection is needed for sure.

Helmets are for your safety, not for style.
Like parents, nature is your responsibility.

You are a part of society. Make it a better place.
R.K.Mishra or Raj Thackeray-choose your leader.

Roadies 6.0 or Indian Idol-choose your goal.
15 min of fame or lifetime achievement? What's your aim?

Above all, women still should be worshipped.
If youth are bright, they can save a nation's pride.. 

Contributing Poet - Smita Kamble, Bangalore Presently Working As a Hindi Lecturer in a reputed Bangalore College. [email protected]



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