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The Ride

Loads heavy on me Gazes compelling
Boatman distant & silent
Melodies singing

Across the road I wished to see
Dark & distant boatman
Said "thy ride on me"

Slowly alight we were On unknown journey
To "destination where"?
He said" just wait & see"

Suddenly darkness crept Visions clouded mine
Only his melody
His song in line

He said "the fish Out of ocean & sea
Running away & away
Scared of just bees"!

Across the road we Alighted, but be it
Only boat & me
Shocks me they hit

Loads light on me I chose to make
Another pass of life
One above the fake

Finally-visions now here Boatman-God was he
My eyes he opened
Said "move ahead & see"

Contributing Poet - Miteshwar Singh I love writing poems as they are a sure shot way to express yourself and are something which represents the originality, life experiences and creativity of the poet [email protected]



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