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Relations, Complicated & Twisted,
Ever since they existed.

Relations, Deep & Shallow,
From Hugging to simply “Hi-Hello”.

Relations, of Love & Heart,
Beware! People are very Smart.

Relations, Sweet & Sour,
Touch the Heart at its Core.

* * *

Relations, some last till Day Five,
Some are still Alive.

Relations, some we Choose & Pick,
Some are like glue Stick.

Relations, some we call “Dost & Yaar”
Some are just “Emotional Atyachaar”

Relations, some force you to Eat Double,
Some land you in Trouble.

Relations, some will make you Laugh,
Some will cut your pocket by Half.

Relations, some we form as Infant
Some we form when our backs are Bent.

* * *

Relations, to share Joys and Sorrow,
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Relations, those deserve Genuine Respect,
Obey the rules, to keep Intact.

Relations, of different Species,
Please don’t cut them into Pieces.

Relations, delicate as dew on the Flower,
If cared, shines like a Star.

* * *

Contributed By Saurabh Taneja, working as Company Secretary in a real estate Company, likes to write short poems in Hindi & English. [email protected]



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