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Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi celebrates a very special bond.
A commitment, deeper than blood, beyond
Shraavana’s moon will long remember our
Holy obligation to protect, defend her
As a sister.

Brihaspati instructed Sachi, save Indra from the cruel
Asura; Vritra was defeated, devtas place restored in duel
Noble hearts and causes share this ancient fabric ritual:
Draupadi captured Krishna’s hearts affection,
Humaun sent Queen Karnawati armies for protection
And Gandhi’s mighty struggle honored Rakhi and not dread,
Noting solidarity and kinship with its holy golden thread.

Rakhi bonds and binds,
Allows divides be crossed;
Krishna, Indra, Gandhi, stories never lost.
Hindu, human, brother, sister, cousin, distant friend
In love renew the Rakhi that love will never end.


Contributing Poet - Jeff [email protected]



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