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A Rainbow of Happiness Binds Us

A flower beside the hills
Asked me, `what be the reason
Why a fountain of happiness
Leaping from your bossom and
Is flowing in your face?

I looked at the sky to find the
Mild sun behind dark clouds
And a snowful breeze.
A rainbow leaping from
One place and falling at other.
Difficult to detect from where
Raising and where falling.
Appears as if raises from
Both sides and falling at both sides.

A similar rainbow is flowing
From my bosom and falling
Somewhere, while it is also
Flowing from somewhere
And falling in me!

I told the hilly flower,
`There is a person at the other end
of my bosom's rainbow
And the fountain of happiness
Is flowing from her also
And is flowing in her face'.

Contributing Poet -  Raghavendra M [email protected]



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