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Let's Not Quest

T'is dark, as is the path ahead.Those masks, let me shed
Don't fear, be my muse while to emotions tears add hues

Can't trust? Well, in the face of light even shadows live a lie
Like me, you too shall fade. Still, loving you, just let me try

In solitude, I find peace. Ah gossips!, if only they would cease
Reasons tumble, while seeking sanity, I find life, only to fumble

Don't question; for I seek no answer, t'is me.
Dilemmas, conflicts, I doubt them; beneath lies the hope I see
Someday, maybe I shall be another dream, where everyone smiles
Till then, let me dwell, in the reality, walk those extra miles

In defeat, I'm gracious, you see; alas! you couldn't break me
The world never understood a mad man, so why should thee?

Let me fall, burn, bruise my knee. Don't help, let me learn
Find myself, beat the dust, stand up. Enjoy the things I yearn
Reject me, you'll. You can't fathom, how I weather each storm
Of passion, let me plant some seed. Till then, just let me bleed

Bad times I wrote on sand, On stone let me write the rest
In a moment of rejoice, live. For a better dream, let's not quest

Contributed By-  Bhaskarjyoti Mali
21 years, an engineering student [email protected]




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