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Oh Mother

Oh Mother -
you’re Lord’s loving labour!
With gratitude,
I bow at your lotus feet
when I remember that -
you have brightened my days with magical sunlight
and illuminated my nights with fairytale dreams
then I often close my moist eyes
to transform into that innocent child
and seek the warmth of your bosom
to rest my fatigued face
in the luxurious lap of your lilting lullabies!

Oh Mother -
you’re Master’s marvellous masterpiece!
I salute you with
abundant admiration and profound appreciation
as I recall how you nurtured me
with the heavenly nectar
from the fountain of your breasts.
How your soft hands that rocked me in the cradle,
firmly moulded me into a man of substance
with the clay of your wisdom and love,
to fight the battles of life.

Oh Mother -
you’re Almighty’s amazing angel!
I trace my fingers
over God’s wonderful work of art -
the unique texture
of your wrinkled face
smiling in a faded photograph
my eyes blur by the flood of thawed tears
amassed in a forgotten slot of my heart
as I cherish your precious ‘gift of life’ to me.

Oh beloved Mother -
we may be miles apart
but I realise all that I owe you
can never ever be repaid back
and now I have only
a mother-of-pearl
tear to shed
from afar…
- dedicated to my beloved mother in Mumbai (India),

Contributed By-   Bharat B. Trivedi [email protected]
Copyright 2008 © Bharat B. Trivedi

A Commerce Graduate from Bombay University! Currently living in BAHRAIN (M. East). Employed as a Financial Accountant with leading Import firm in Gulf.



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