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 I want to go back into time
And relive, and revive
I want to be me again
And spell my life my way
Subtle, yet majestic.
Conventional, yet beautiful.

I want my red bicycle
With black and white side wheels
And Daddy’s hand behind the seat
And a gentle push
Until I take my own stride
And fly....

I want my first day at school
As I walk into the class room
Intimidated by the unknown faces
Clenching to Mummy’s hand
Until she leaves me and walks away
I cry
And then become a part of the crowd.

I want my kitchen set
And the Barbie bed
And my sister preparing chutneys from the leaves
A shady tree right over the terrace
And the two of us playing peacefully
Till we get wild
And pull each others’ hair out
And break the kitchen set and the Barbie bed
Then ask Mummy for a new one
And then break that too....

The friends who have gone away
I want them back.
The kinetic rides in the rain
Gossips in class till late afternoons
And late night, over the phone.
I want the teachers back
And the lessons I never learned
The books I never read.
The marks I never scored.
I want the canteen chai
And the rains
And the boys
And the giggles..

I want that apple of my eye
I spent hours staring at.
I want the nights back
When I dreamt of him and me.
The smiles that were passed,
The words that were left unspoken,
The messages that were written
But never conveyed.

I want my first day of college
Butterflies in my stomach
And anticipation in my mind.
The first friends I made
I want them back.
The professors I so respect
The buildings that were made home.

The fanatical nights in the hostel
Maggie at 3 a.m
My roommates, and dance
I want them back.
The blues
Monday morning blues.
Attendance blues.
Submission blues.
Examination blues.
Boyfriend blues.
The dressing up, the fun, the laughter
I want them back.

I wish I could evade
And everything could be incessant.
Yesterday, today, always
I wish I could turn the clock arms around
And flip the calendar pages back
And find the same days
And the same people
That make my life
That make me.

Contributed By- Garima Siwach My articles here may not be literary masterpieces to start with. I'm simply an avid writer, with a lot of content to pen. I am a post graduate student of economics. Books, travel and music are my basic areas of interest. My writing is a lot about discovering the new me everyday. Hence, a passion for me. [email protected]


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