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Native Nostalgia

 In pursuit of my footprints,
you once fondled and folded up!
Now obscure,
walked over by million feet,
washed away by myriad monsoons....

In pursuit of my infancy,
you once cuddled and cosseted!
Now hazy,
Ingenuous dust and years grew
on innocent gurgles and girlhood trivia...

In pursuit of my youth,
you once nurtured in warm bosom!
Now bygone,
whizzed past in rabid race
my fame and fortune mutely testify....

In pursuit of a haunting era,
you once veiled and held secretive!
Now surfaced,
like a phoenix from the ashes,
I scour in vain for nostalgic remnants...

Contributed By- Daya Bhat I dedicate this poem to the place where I did my schooling. I miss it often. [email protected]




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